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Reds may steal the show, but Italy has a profusion of whites bursting with Latin personality. Pass by the predictable offerings for three more unusual whites ‘sniffed’ and recommended by the English Nose.
The English Nose works her way through the ‘trophy’ wines of New Zealand to discover the triumphs and the turnips.
The Sign of the Angel in Wiltshire was an unexpected find with a decent wine list and rather good food.
Cab Sav - so yesterday. In Geographe, South of Perth, David Mazza works some Ozzie magic with Touriga Nacional and friends.
What’s happened to the market and why is trophy Burgundy trading for thousands of pounds a case?
The nose sniffs out some answers at Clos de Tart.
The Burgundy hierarchy made simple. Know what you’re getting in the bottle.
Burgundy is not about grapes at all, but the place in which they’re grown.
It’s a boom to bust story as earthy authenticity combines with a modern approach to put Burgundy in the limelight.